Our Fair Pricing

It’s simple: we believe you shouldn’t have to pay 8 to 10x what a jewelry cost to produce.

In the traditional retail model, your jewelry goes through multiple intermediaries before they reach you. The downside is that you often have to pay exponentially more than what it actually cost to produce. 

There is a better way.
This is why we do things differently. 

By directly working hand-in-hand with different manufacturers and by exclusively selling our jewelry on our website (or via our trunk shows), we eliminate all the middlemen in the production chain, from wholesalers all the way down to retailers.

Operating as such means we are able to produce pieces with the exact same quality at a lesser price.

The best part?

We are willing to pass the savings down to you.

We are on a mission to make luxury jewelry more accessible and we don’t believe you should have to compromise on quality when seeking affordability.