Our Materials

Our goal is to use materials that will keep our conscience as clear as our diamonds. This is why we work with durable materials only.

We also added a few tips to take care of your jewelry.
Wouldn’t you want them to shine for a lifetime? We surely do. 

Our Precious Metals

14k Solid Gold

We wanted a metal that would be compatible with an active lifestyle. In comparison to 18k gold, a 14k alloy (denoting 58.3% of pure gold) is more durable. It scratches less, doesn’t bend as much, and it wears out less easily. Being the least reactive metal, 14k gold does not oxidize or discolor either.


Even the strongest precious metals deserve some care. To maintain their glow, soak your jewelry in warm water combined with detergent-free soap. Lightly scrub with a toothbrush, rinse with care, and delicately dry with paper towel or a lint-free cloth. 

Gold Vermeil

Not to be confused with regular gold plating, vermeil is a much thicker layer of gold placed over sterling silver. By going with the best base metal there is, your jewelry will be more resistant and least prone to skin allergies. 

Our pieces get their long-lasting gold finish by being dipped multiple times in an 18k gold bath. The process is complete when the plating reaches a thickness of minimum 2.5 microns.  


Although vermeil is water-resistant, we advise you to put your jewelry on after your makeup routine. In order to maximise shine, buff gently with a dry cloth and store in your pouch to protect from humidity.

Sterling Silver

925 Sterling Silver is an alloy made out of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. It is stronger than pure silver and better able to withstand the normal rigors of modern life.

We also plate all our silver jewelry with rhodium. Due to its rarity, it is one of the costliest precious metals and this plating process gives our pieces extra shine and durability.


Over time, your jewelry will eventually slightly oxidize. Avoid water as much as you can to slow down the process. To remove tarnish and restore shine, gently buff with a lint-free cloth and always store in your pouch to protect from light and humidity. 

Our Diamonds & Gemstones

We want a beautiful story from beginning to end. The way our stones are produced is just as important as our final assembled jewelry so we work with lab-grown diamonds and cubic zirconia.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Because we look at every last detail, our diamonds are exclusively lab-grown. Their chemical DNA is identical to mined diamonds but their manufacturing process is more ethical.

All our diamonds are of VS+ clarity and we use colors D to F.


Although diamonds may be one of the hardest natural substance on Earth, they can still suffer from small chips and fractures from sharp blow. Combined with detergent-free soap, soak your jewelry in warm water and lightly scrub each stone separately with a toothbrush. Then, rinse with care and dry with paper towel or a lint-free cloth. 

Cubic Zirconia

Our cubic zirconia (AAA quality) are exclusively man-made. This ethical manufacturing process helps us ensure socially responsible practices.

Did you know? The high clarity of cubic zirconia makes them ideal alternatives to diamonds. Thanks to their double refraction, light enters the gems and splits into to two rays of light, giving each stone its well-known sparkle.


To keep your zirconia clean and shiny, use warm soapy water and a soft brush. Make sure that you avoid chemicals when cleaning.