Our Trusted Partners

We want to work with the best. Experts at their crafts. This is why we select our partners based on their field of expertise. Currently, we work hand-in-hand with 3 different manufacturers based in South Korea.  

Gold Vermeil & Silver

We manufacture our gold vermeil and silver jewelry together with a small family-owned business located in the city of Iksan, the jewelry hub of Korea. Thanks to owning his own plating facility, our partner has full control over the plating process and this helps us ensure high-quality standards at every manufacturing step.

Our manufacturer is also part of the local Women Worker Center advocating for women rights, continuously making sure women's voices are heard in their workplace.

14k Solid Gold

Our 14k gold partner has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Clients from Japan to the U.S travel the world to work with him in order to ensure the highest quality of fine jewelry execution. He is also one of the first Korean manufacturers to work with lab-grown diamonds.

Our partner is a member of the Seoul Jewelry Industry Cooperative and the International Trade Association.


Because piercings are so small and delicate, their manufacturing process requires special know-how. Our partner focuses exclusively on piercings and meticulously crafts each piece in Seoul. Although it is a rather niche market, he is internationally renowned for his unique and patented manufacturing techniques.

He also strives for socially responsible practices by working with man-made cubic zirconia only. Doing so helps ensure an ethical manufacturing process of the stones.